About Us

The T-Ceram company is the only one in the European Union that is able to manufacture ceramic dielectric filters made of the company-made ceramic parts. We start the manufacture by mixing pure oxides to get applicable composition for resonators, blocks, substrates and the unique trimming capacitors. The T-Ceram has full ceramic technology to manufacture three ceramic materials with the Dielectric Constant = 11, 20 and 37. All ceramic materials are fully temperature-compensated to TCF = 0 ppm/°C, possible to be changed from the TCF -10 to +10ppm/°C.

As a result of the full in-house technology we are able to quickly manufacture all parts as custom-made components, no matter they are only samples.



The T-Ceram has extended the production to cavity filters / diplexers / combiners / as well as planar and lumped element filters. We are also able to design and manufacture directional couplers of small quantities.